Our Products Journey

As a start-up founded by professionals with in-depth experience in risk management, we at The Kaptive have an advanced perspective on creating value for our clients through modern digital products. ​

Effective risk management requires constant monitoring and analysis of financial data. Leveraging our expertise in the BFS industry, we are uniquely positioned to help businesses with custom designed digital products that can identify and mitigate financial risks proactively to improve their overall financial performance.

An intuitive financial reporting and dashboarding platform for small and medium businesses.

Together with our client partners, our vision behind creating PLSE was to create a comprehensive digital cockpit solution with the end objective of quickly creating customized financial reports and board packages for end use by CXOs. 
Financial reports are time consuming to collate and summarize as financial data resides in separate departments like Finance, HR, Sales etc. This makes it difficult to access, track and consolidate for reporting which is not the best use of leadership bandwidth.
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PLSE accelerates the above process by seamlessly connecting to online financial data platforms to generate smart visualization and insightful financial analysis at the click of a button.

By automating the process of generating smart visualization and analysis, PLSE can help businesses save time collating data and let them focus on the actual analysis part.

Additionally, by consolidating the analysis in one place, PLSE can help businesses gain a more organized and comprehensive understanding of their financial performance and ultimately drive productivity.

Founders and CEOs of SMBs Need Access to Custom Financial & Operational Reports with Sophisticated Analytics And Advanced Visualization Capabilities​

01. Manual Analysis​

Manual tools like excel lack visibility to quick and  insightful financial reports in fast paced high growth organizations​

03. Data in Silos​

Financial data resides in separate systems, making it difficult to access, track and consolidate for reporting​

02. Time Consuming​

Financial Reporting & Board Packages are time consuming and not the best use of leadership bandwidth​

04. Technology​

A dedicated tool to analyze, chart, compare and plan would cut manual effort and bring a sophisticated approach to financial reporting​


A next generation business and  financial insight SaaS tool, built for SMBs organizations.

PLSE Offers:

Smart Visualization

KPI Tracking

Financial Summaries

Board Packages